Grants Pass man with medical marijuana gets 12 years in prison

CANTON, Miss. (AP) — A Jamaican-born musician convicted of drug trafficking in Madison County, Mississippi, for medical marijuana he legally bought in Oregon could now be out of prison in three years.

Patrick Beadle, 46, of Grants Pass, had initially faced up to 40 years, and had been sentenced in October to eight years in prison without parole under state drug trafficking laws.

However, Beadle was recently allowed to enter a guilty plea to simple possession of drugs. He was re-sentenced to 12 years in prison, but will be eligible for parole after serving three.

Now-retired Madison County Circuit Judge William Chapman had refused in October to reduce Beadle’s conviction to simple possession during sentencing. Chapman said Beadle faced a maximum 40 years in prison.

However, Beadle’s attorney, Cynthia Stewart, said Tuesday that Chapman, before his retirement in January, set aside Beadle’s conviction for drug trafficking and allowed him to plead guilty to simple possession.

Beadle is housed at the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility in Rankin County.

“My client didn’t want to roll the dice on an appeal since he was facing eight years in prison day for day,” Stewart said.

Stewart said Beadle is a first-time offender and that could bode well for him in receiving early release from the Department of Corrections. Stewart said prosecutors and the judge agreed to vacate the drug trafficking conviction.

Madison County Assistant District Attorney Todd McAlpin, the lead prosecutor in Beadle’s case, was in court Tuesday and couldn’t be reached immediately for comment.

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