Here are some of the weirdest products containing CBD

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CBD is the latest wellness trend, and it is making appearances in the most unlikely products.

The use of CBD in the health and wellness products has been shown to be helpful in relieving pain and inflammation, as well as functioning as a natural sleep aid.

However, in order for CBD to be effective, it needs to be taken either orally or topically in a manner that allows the CBD to actually get absorbed into the body.

As reported by Healthline, “The wellness industry is going to do what the wellness industry does best: try to make money. And CBD is proving to be a great way to do that. As a result, CBD is unnecessarily ending up in some cosmetic and wellness products.”

Here’s a listing of some products where adding CBD seems to increase the price of the product without providing any of the actual benefits one can get from CBD.

CBD Mascara
Coating your eyelashes with CBD may give your lashes a creamy texture but you can get this same sensation by using another oil that doesn’t come with such a high price tag. Also, no medical research has demonstrated that CBD gets absorbed into your skin when applied to your eyelashes.

CBD Athletic Wear
As a general rule of thumb, cannabis topicals need be applied to the body and not worn on the body. The only magic you’ll see from any CBD high-end athletic wear is watching how quickly money vanishes from your wallet.

CBD Shampoo and Soap
Any product like shampoo and soap that washes off isn’t able to absorb into the skin to the point where it can provide any of the healing properties of CBD.

The primary purpose of hand sanitizer is to protect yourself from germs, and that’s not the key reason why people use CBD products. There are plenty of organic hand sanitizers on the market that don’t contain alcohol or a high price tag.

CBD Chew
Yes, you can chew CBD the same way you can chew tobacco — but why?

CBD Toothpaste
So far there’s no medical evidence that using toothpaste infused with CBD will help with gum pain or gingivitis, as well as restoring damage to your teeth. Also, unless you like to brush your teeth for an extended period of time, the CBD will not have time to enter your body and provide any benefits.

Yes, toothpicks are great for removing those pesky bits of food out of your teeth and massaging your gums. But unless you actually chew your toothpicks, none of the CBD on a toothpick is going to get into your body.
Before purchasing a product infused with CBD, do a bit of research so that you are selecting topical products that will actually work.

Compiled by The Fresh Toast and distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.



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