Should I invest in marijuana?

“Should I invest in marijuana?” is a question I get a lot lately. It typically comes right after: “I’m trying to strike it rich and ” People have been trying to strike it rich since the beginning of time. Time, … Continued

Straight Dope: Pass the peace pipe, Kemosabe

I hope I don’t offend anyone using the name “Kemosabe” in the title. For those not in the know, the nickname was given to the Lone Ranger’s partner Tonto in the famous TV show that ran from 1949-1957. Kemosabe translates … Continued

Straight Dope: The Cult of Marijuana

The Dude always came down to the beach in his orange robe, love beads and sandals, his guitar strung over his back, and a look of “lost bliss” on his face. He was typically after our weed. I thought about … Continued