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Why do so many Americans now support legalizing marijuana?

Editor’s Note: The Conversation is an independent and nonprofit source of news, analysis and commentary from academic experts. American views on marijuana have shifted incredibly rapidly. Thirty years ago, marijuana legalization seemed like a lost cause. In 1988, only 24 percent of Americans supported legalization. But steadily, the nation began to liberalize. By 2018, 66 percent of U.S. residents offered their approval, transforming marijuana legalization from a libertarian fantasy into a mainstream cause. Many state laws have changed as well. Over the last quarter-century, 10 states have legalized recreational marijuana, while 22 states have legalized medical marijuana. So why has

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Grown Rogue gets ‘Electric’

Over the years, endless debates have erupted among cannabis connoisseurs over which is better: outdoor or indoor. Grown Rogue has found a way to offer the best of both worlds. A recent batch of outdoor-grown Monkey Train, a cross between Monkey Balls and Train Wreck, had potentially the highest level of THC ever recorded in the state at 35.13 percent, and the highest level of terpenes at 4.39 percent, according to Green Leaf Lab in Portland. In addition, the Medford company took top honors for its indoor-grown Electric Dogshit at the 2018 Grow Classic in Eugene, hitting the highest level

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The ‘Big Pause’ continues

New cannabis businesses looking to open in Oregon have at least another 12 to 18 months to wait, according to Danica Hibpshman, statewide director of licensing at the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. The OLCC, facing a long list of business applications and renewal applications from existing businesses, hit the pause button in June 2018, telling prospective cannabis business owners they wouldn’t be processing any new business applications until the understaffed agency could get caught up. “Renewals are bogging down our system,” Hibpshman said. “Processing renewals can be as time-intensive as new licenses.” Hibpshman and a handful of her colleagues from

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Out in the open

The cannabis industry may be legal and flourishing here in Oregon, but when it comes to allowing people to consume in social and commercial settings similar to wine-tasting rooms, beer gardens and microbreweries, the state has more to accomplish. A new campaign is underway to spur momentum for legalizing cannabis consumption spaces in the 2019 legislative session. The campaign kicked off officially at an event in late August, hosted by the newly formed New Revenue Coalition, a political action committee composed of cannabis industry businesses and allies with the mission of legalizing common consumption spaces for cannabis in Oregon, and

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Flower Buyer’s Guide to THC-CBD blends

When it comes to the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, much attention is being focused on cannabidiol, commonly shortened to CBD.CBD, which does not get people high, is credited with helping people suffering from certain seizure disorders, and it also appears to help reduce pain and inflammation.But according to some researchers, some of the therapeutic effects from CBD are enhanced when it’s combined with THC.In an effort to help readers wade through the hundreds of bud strains at local cannabis dispensaries, we have put together a buyer’s guide to locally available flowers that contain a healthy mix of THC and CBD,

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Local growers score at Dope Cup

It was a post-apocalyptic Halloween party for cannabis lovers of all kinds at the 4th annual Dope Cup Awards Oct. 29 in Portland. Held at Staver Locomotive, the event brought together cannabis brands around the state competing in more than 30 categories ranging from Best Distillate and Best Terpene Profile to Best Topical and Best CBD Edible. It’s a party where bongs hang suspended from gas masks, kombucha is poured from taps and given away for free (because alcohol isn’t permitted); joints and blunts are passed around generously; and cannabis companies get to mingle with their customers, rub elbows with

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Madrone Cannabis Club: Modern-day pioneers

People who are starting cannabis farms and opening dispensaries now, in the early years of legal recreational cannabis, are actually pioneers whose stories will likely go down in Oregon history along with the brave wagon train trailblazers and early loggers, fruit growers and vintners. If you ask them, they’ll probably be glad to fill your ear with stories about cruel jail sentences and painful physical problems that were endured before society said, hey, this stuff ain’t hurtin’ anyone and might help. Not untypical are Lillian and Alex Whitnell, a married couple of 20-somethings who pioneered west from Illinois to create

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Inside Belushi’s Private Vault

If you ever wanted to taste pot from a movie star’s private stash, now’s your chance. Famous actor, singer and community supporter Jim Belush grows his own bud on his 93-acre spread along the Rogue River near Eagle Point and sells under the label “Belushi’s Private Vault.” Belushi describes a spiritual connection to the marijuana on his 22,000-square-foot, state-licensed grow, bathed in Southern Oregon’s sunshine. “I feel like that bee that is brought in and held until I get everything about it,” Belushi said. “It has come really deep into my heart, my body and my spiritual nature. It’s brought

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House of Leaves scores with customers

House of Leaves was among the earliest cannabis shops to open in Ashland after voters ended prohibition of the long-popular plant. It does business in a converted house on North Main Street, and it merchandises just about anything you could ask for in a very small space, with a knowledgeable and easygoing staff. While some shops seek to overcome pot’s long illicit history with sparkling clean environments that look like pharmacies, House of Leaves just keeps being what it is, kind of like your local mom-and-pop shop but for weed. “We sell everything — bud, smokable, vape, cartridge, edibles, gummies,

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Green goes silver

Seniors are discovering — or rediscovering in many cases — the benefits of cannabis usage. Crystal Plotner, general manager and co-owner of local dispensary Pharm to Table, is experiencing the senior boom firsthand. She has crunched the numbers at Pharm to Table and says use among seniors has more than doubled at her dispensary, going from 4.5 percent of customers in January 2017 to almost 11 percent in May 2018. “Lots of times seniors may come in for ointments, then move to CBD, and then to edibles.” To meet this demand and take advantage of the trend, her dispensary now

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