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A Simple Explanation Of Cannabis Decarboxylation And How To DIY

A simple explanation of cannabis decarboxylation and how to DIY

No matter your recipe, you’ll have to warm up the weed before cooking it into anything in order to activate the THC. Decarboxylating your cannabis is the first thing you must do if you’re planning to cook with it. Despite the complicated word, this process is simple and involves applying some kind of heat to the herb in order to convert the non-psychoactive compound THCA into the high-inducing THC most people want in their edibles. Luckily, decarboxylation is super easy to do and doesn’t require anything else other than basic tools you likely have in your kitchen. Here are three

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Lifetime Marijuana Use Not Linked To Middle-Age Heart Health

Lifetime marijuana use not linked to middle-age heart problems

Researchers concluded cumulative cannabis use was not associated with heart abnormalities or other cardiovascular diseases, such as stroke or heart disease. Understanding how marijuana affects heart health has emerged as a primary focus for cannabis researchers in recent years. The science connecting the two is limited and no known association between cardiovascular disease and cannabis use exists. Possible risks for heart patients exist, however, as cannabis can reduce the potency of medications such as statins and blood thinners. But new clinical data published in the journal Addiction should provide reassurance to middle-age marijuana users. They found no connection between current

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How CBD topicals can complement your mask wearing

Wearing face masks for prolonged periods of time can affect your skin. Here’s how CBD might be able to help. At this point in the pandemic, people should have a wide assortment of masks at their disposal. Despite the weird politics that shroud them, health experts believe masks and social distancing guidelines are the strongest (and easiest) measures people can take when it comes to battling the spread of the virus. Despite their health benefits, the prolonged use of face masks and the addition of hot weather isn’t very healthy for your pores. These issues can produce irritated skin, moist

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Study Says Older Marijuana Users Have Lower BMIs And More Likely To Work Out

Study says older cannabis users have lower BMI and more likely to work out

A study suggests Americans older than 60 who use cannabis lead more active lifestyles. The lazy stoner stereotype is one of the most prevalent ones when it comes to marijuana use. Making appearances in movies and college, it’s a stereotype that’s meant to be funny and used by people who are older or don’t know much about the drug. Science has shown, a few times now, that regular cannabis use doesn’t imply a sedentary lifestyle, however. Turns out that many people get high and lead active lives. A study conducted on older Americans found that those who consumed cannabis engaged

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Forget the munchies: how marijuana can be an appetite suppressant

A little-known cannabinoid called THCV can trigger your brain to eat less and avoid greasy, fatty foods. Marijuana’s capability as an appetite stimulant is well-documented. And, no, we’re not talking about the “munchies.” We’re referring to its ability to kick-start appetite in potentially life-threatening situations. Cancer, for instance, can induce adverse metabolic changes in patients, causing them to lose their appetites and tissue in the process, which results in a condition called “cachexia.” Chemotherapy drugs often exacerbate these effects, but research shows medical cannabis can boost appetite, mood and caloric intake in cancer patients, while simultaneously battling cancer cells. AIDS

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Bud and booze sales setting records

Booze and pot sales are hitting a high note during the pandemic, with sales of cannabis up about 25% in both March and April in Jackson County, and retail alcohol sales rising 48% last month. “A population that sedates itself is less likely to revolt,” quipped Medford City Councilor Clay Bearnson, paraphrasing a comic strip. According to figures from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, Jackson County had $4,259,465 in cannabis sales in April compared to $3,062,381 last year. In March, the county saw $3,868,949 in cannabis sales compared to 3,049,153 in the same month last year. Josephine County also posted

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How green is your bud?

Organic certification can differentiate an agricultural commodity, bringing higher market prices and increased margins to the producer. When the 2018 Farm Bill designated hemp as a federally regulated commodity crop, savvy Oregon growers jumped at the opportunity to certify organic. The label means a lot in today’s consumer-driven, health-conscious market. Organic certification is regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture and cannot be applied to an agricultural product without registration and a lengthy, standards-based inspection. In fact, the word “organic” cannot be used with reference to an agricultural product without USDA organic certification. In Oregon, the Oregon Department of

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Talking to your parents about cannabis

Many of us have been there. Your mom comes over to visit and finds a bong stashed under a pile of soiled laundry, and suddenly you find yourself playing a game of 20 questions. “How could you do this to me?” “Are you high right now?” “Weed is a gateway drug. What’s next? Heroin?” Without the necessary preparation, you might find yourself scrambling for excuses — or pinning blame for your perfectly natural habit on external forces. You were “holding onto it for a friend,” right? You’ve “never actually smoked weed.” You were just curious. Or, the classic rebuttal: You

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Marijuana can create false memories in users, study finds

The memory is a tricky device to trust — it’s an imperfect management tool for the recollection of our past. Research has shown that each time we recall a memory, we inadvertently change its details in our brain. What was once remembered as a cloudy day at the beach suddenly becomes a rainy morning at the lake if we’re not careful. According to new research, marijuana users should be cautious in believing their memory is telling the truth. That’s because people are more likely to create “false memories” under the influence of cannabis. One hit of weed caused individuals to

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Medford is Oregon’s pot capital

Medford has the most pot stores per capita in Oregon, and the second-highest number compared to 600 U.S. cities with a population of 50,000 or more. “It doesn’t surprise me at all,” said Clay Bearnson, a Medford city councilor who works at a downtown dispensary, Oregon Farmacy. “I reckon it’s better to be first in that rather than having the highest crime stats.” Bearnson joined Medford City Council in 2014, and he said it was a two-year struggle to allow dispensaries to operate within city limits. Verilife, a company with dispensaries in the eastern half of the country, studied 600

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