House of Leaves scores with customers

House of Leaves was among the earliest cannabis shops to open in Ashland after voters ended prohibition of the long-popular plant. It does business in a converted house on North Main Street, and it merchandises just about anything you could … Continued

Green goes silver

Seniors are discovering — or rediscovering in many cases — the benefits of cannabis usage. Crystal Plotner, general manager and co-owner of local dispensary Pharm to Table, is experiencing the senior boom firsthand. She has crunched the numbers at Pharm … Continued

Women and weed

All across Oregon, women are taking leadership roles in the emerging cannabis industry Southern Oregon is well on its way to enjoying more of the legal cannabis lifestyle as new women-led and women-focused events encourage community, education, normalization and, of … Continued

Plenitude of Oregon bud: Too much of a good thing?

When Oregon lawmakers created the state’s legal marijuana program, one of their goals was to convince illicit pot growers to leave the black market. That meant low barriers for entering the industry that also targeted long-standing medical marijuana growers, whose … Continued

East Fork Cultivars keeps evolving

  If there’s one thing that is noticeable when talking with Mason Walker, chief executive of East Fork Cultivars, a CBD-focused grow in Takilma, it’s his transparency. The level at which he explains things — whether about the company’s cultivation … Continued

Grow your own

If you can grow tomatoes, you can grow pot. It involves a few more steps, but we’ll walk you through them and keep cannabis cultivation as easy on your wallet as possible. You can grow a fairly chunky cannabis plant … Continued

Herbal holidays

We know holiday shopping can be a drag — crowds, paying more than expected, traffic — plus coming up with good gift ideas. We’re here like helpful elves to make your life easier. Putting the “happy” in “holidays” will be … Continued

Craft Cannabis

With 16 years under his belt as a cannabis grower, Jamie Syken has had a closeup look at the evolution of the cannabis industry. He moved to Oregon 17 years ago from Memphis, Tennessee, and four years ago he established … Continued

How to read a pot label

When you buy marijuana or products that contain marijuana, the package has to include a label, and the information on the label is spelled out in state law. But unless you know what all those things mean, it might as … Continued

Vapor trails

To vape or not to vape? That is the question you have on your mind as you walk in the cannabis dispensary for the first time — or maybe the umpteenth time. The first thing you notice is a huge … Continued