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Green goes silver

Seniors are discovering — or rediscovering in many cases — the benefits of cannabis usage. Crystal Plotner, general manager and co-owner of local dispensary Pharm to Table, is experiencing the senior boom firsthand. She has crunched the numbers at Pharm to Table and says use among seniors has more than doubled at her dispensary, going from 4.5 percent of customers in January 2017 to almost 11 percent in May 2018. “Lots of times seniors may come in for ointments, then move to CBD, and then to edibles.” To meet this demand and take advantage of the trend, her dispensary now

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Can cannabis be used to heal the planet

The planet is in big trouble from greenhouse gases that warm and change the climate. Ashland resident Paul J. von Hartmann proposes a cure you might not expect. It’s cannabis. Von Hartmann has been a “cannabis scholar” and speaker for 25 years on the need to decriminalize weed and get it out to the world, not just as a healer of the user but as a healer of the planet in these perilous times of climate change. Von Hartmann is an organic pot farmer with Ebb & Flow Farm in Talent and author of “Cannabis vs. Climate Change: How hot

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Cannabis testing: Labs critical for cannabis R&D

Cannabis labs have been busier than ever as new marijuana-related products go through significant research, development and testing before they hit the market. “It’s a similar system to pharmaceutical labs,” said Anthony Smith, chief science officer for Evio Labs, based in Central Point. “For all intents and purposes, this is a biotechnology business in the Rogue Valley.” Smith is a pioneer in the local cannabis industry, opening the first-of-its-kind lab in Jackson County, Kenevir Research Lab, before it was bought out by Evio, which has expanded the operations and operates nationwide and in Canada. Testing of cannabis products is a

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Cannabis growers turn to hemp as market for CBD explodes

  A glut of legal weed is driving Oregon pot prices to rock-bottom levels, prompting some nervous growers to start pivoting to buzz-free hemp to make ends meet. “Word on the street is everybody thinks hemp’s the new gold rush,” said Jerrad McCord, who grows marijuana in Southern Oregon and just added 12 acres (5 hectares) of hemp. “This is a business. You’ve got to adapt, and you’ve got to be a problem-solver.” Applications for state licenses to grow hemp — marijuana’s non-intoxicating cousin — have increased more than 20-fold since 2015, making Oregon No. 2 behind Colorado among the

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A look inside a cannabis testing lab

When you get high, you don’t want to get poisoned. And the only way to make sure you’re not sucking up any toxic pesticides or solvents is to have cannabis tested. MW Labs, at 724 S. Central Ave., Medford, is one of 22 accredited labs throughout the state that give you the skinny on weed before it’s consumed. If you go to a store and the Dragon OG says it has 30 percent THC, that percentage has been verified by a lab. Wendy Wen, owner of MW Labs, collects samples from local growers and analyzes them for 59 pesticides as

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‘Entourage effect’ doesn’t refer to the HBO show

The term “entourage effect” has been bandied about in medical marijuana circles in recent years, referring to the interaction of all the many compounds in cannabis. Many people use cannabis for its medical benefits, but they don’t want any mood alteration, so they get CBD. And many users who want to get stoned seek the greatest potency, so they often look for very high THC content. But neither group may be getting exactly what they’re after, according to people in the industry. “You need a little THC to get the full benefit of CBD,” says Obie Strickler, CEO of Grown

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Sun Breeze combines herbs with cannabis in myriad products

What started out as a farm selling its own herbal teas at growers markets has turned into a major seed-to-sale cannabis company with several entities under its umbrella. Sun Breeze Inc. sells herbal tea products in Oregon, Washington and California. In summer 2014, owner Brie Malarkey and her husband, Jon Cunningham, began a cannabis product line. Their recreational marijuana store in Gold Hill, Breeze Botanicals, was the first in Oregon, and Sun Breeze was the first processor in Jackson County. “We really are at the cutting edge of innovation down here combining different herbs with cannabis,” Malarkey says. Sun God

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Getting small Micro-dosing gains in popularity

As the cannabis market matures here in Oregon, consumer trends continue to evolve. Stereotypes and the traditional caricature of cannabis enthusiasts are changing — as well as their chosen consumption style.   “There are a very wide range of cannabis consumers who are consuming for different reasons and for multiple reasons,” says Liz Stahura, co-founder and president of BDS Analytics, a cannabis business intelligence company that tracks four states: Washington, Colorado, California and Oregon, which has the highest percentage of consumers at 35 percent.   Since January 2015, Oregon has generated more than $1 billion in cannabis sales, and sales

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Weed gets weed

The town of Weed, California, has been in on the joke for years. After all, the motto of this city of 6,000 is: “Weed like to welcome you.” Tourists might think this is a pot-friendly area when they see T-shirts and ballcaps bearing tongue-in-cheek references to the town’s name. Despite the playful marketing, the town, which got its name from lumber pioneer Abner Weed, has only recently taken the plunge to allow sales of medical cannabis. When the first cannabis dispensary opened on relatively deserted Main Street in February, curious locals stuck their heads inside to see what the fuss

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Building a cannabis community

Like timber and pears before them, the cannabis industry is fast realizing it has become a major economic player in the region — and it’s time to forget the extra-legal past and start talking about projecting a positive, involved image, talking up job creation, volunteering and contributing to worthy social causes and living the life of active leaders of our communities. That’s the message of Grown Rogue’s Obie and Sarah Strickler, who have organized a series of monthly mixers to bring together people in the local cannabis industry. A March 21 event at the Brickroom in Ashland focused on how

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