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Market Street Wellness is a cannabis hub

The building that houses Market Street Wellness in Medford covers approximately 9,000 square feet, and Stacy Page has owned it for more than two years. In that time, he’s transformed the building, which was “sitting on the market for seven years,” into a mixed-use space for a multitude of cannabis ventures. Page wears many hats. The most obvious is owning and managing Market Street Wellness, which is really two stores in one — a recreational dispensary with a wide range of cannabis products, and Market Street CBD, a retail shop that focuses on medicinal, hemp-based products. Page, who lives in

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CBD takes center stage at The Hemp and Cannabis Fair in Central Point

  The Hemp and Cannabis Fair playing this weekend at the Expo saw a 20 percent drop in vendors compared to its last appearance here in September 2018, but plenty of new products are on display at the event to pique the interest of cannabis growers, sellers and consumers. CBD lotions, balms and elixirs for seemingly every purpose are on display at virtually every other booth Saturday. CBD, the acronym for cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive component of both hemp and marijuana that is being touted for a wide range of medicinal uses. “We’ve even got an oil for your fur

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Chronic pain given as top reason for using medical marijuana

Chronic pain is the most common reason people give when they enroll in state-approved medical marijuana programs. That’s followed by stiffness from multiple sclerosis and chemotherapy-related nausea, according to an analysis of 15 states published Monday in the journal Health Affairs. The study didn’t measure whether marijuana actually helped anyone with their problems, but the patients’ reasons match up with what’s known about the science of marijuana and its chemical components. “The majority of patients for whom we have data are using cannabis for reasons where the science is the strongest,” said lead author Kevin Boehnke of University of Michigan

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Bill would aid marijuana users who need organ transplants

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Oregon lawmakers may tighten restrictions on the state’s organ transplant centers to ensure they don’t discriminate against patients based on marijuana use. House Bill 2687, sponsored by Rep. Rob Nosse, D-Portland, would stop medical providers from recommending that transplant candidates be removed from the organ waiting list managed by the nonprofit United Network for Organ Sharing because they tested positive for pot, the Statesman Journal reported. In Oregon, more than 850 transplant candidates are on the wait list for organs, according to the organ network. About 340 transplants were performed in Oregon last year. For some,

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Flower Buyer’s Guide to THC-CBD blends

When it comes to the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, much attention is being focused on cannabidiol, commonly shortened to CBD.CBD, which does not get people high, is credited with helping people suffering from certain seizure disorders, and it also appears to help reduce pain and inflammation.But according to some researchers, some of the therapeutic effects from CBD are enhanced when it’s combined with THC.In an effort to help readers wade through the hundreds of bud strains at local cannabis dispensaries, we have put together a buyer’s guide to locally available flowers that contain a healthy mix of THC and CBD,

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Whole plant medicine at Siskiyou Sungrown

It’s a wholesome, logical and uncomplicated idea that works: Siskiyou Sungrown utilizes the entire cannabis plant — grown organically and outdoors — to produce award-winning CBD hemp products that provide effective relief from a broad range of medical conditions. “We believe that traditional farming techniques, especially when practiced in the rich native soil and brilliant sunshine of the Williams Valley, produces the best, healthiest plants,” said Siskiyou Sungrown CEO Cedar Grey. “We don’t want to mess with nature’s proven processes.” Founded in 2014, Siskiyou Sungrown has emerged as a standard bearer in the medicinal cannabis industry. Its 10-acre operation is

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Ma’at Botanicals: Celebrating powerful women and cannabis

When Ashland resident and businesswoman Delia Gaia was considering a name for her line of hemp-infused beauty products for women, she turned to a goddess — the ancient Egyptian goddess called Ma’at. It shouldn’t be surprising, because Delia had adopted another goddess’s name, Gaia, the Mother Earth goddess, as her business persona. The powerful female deity Ma’at represents cosmic order and the balance of nature and human societies. Often depicted with outstretched wings of divinity and an ostrich feather symbolizing truth on her head, Ma’at personifies a philosophy of how to coexist harmoniously in the universe. There are 42 ideals

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Researchers warn of risks to young brains from chronic marijuana use — especially high-THC pot

A string of studies has shown a link between heavy marijuana use and the development of schizophrenia. Researchers estimate 8 to 15 percent of cases of schizophrenia may be caused by adolescent marijuana use, says Dr. John Mahan, Jackson County Mental Health psychiatric medical director. He notes that estimate was made before many states legalized marijuana. Numbers could climb as marijuana use rises in the general population. Overall, people who use marijuana double their risk of developing schizophrenia, he says. The risk is highest for adolescents and young adults who consume marijuana products with high levels of THC and low

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House of Leaves scores with customers

House of Leaves was among the earliest cannabis shops to open in Ashland after voters ended prohibition of the long-popular plant. It does business in a converted house on North Main Street, and it merchandises just about anything you could ask for in a very small space, with a knowledgeable and easygoing staff. While some shops seek to overcome pot’s long illicit history with sparkling clean environments that look like pharmacies, House of Leaves just keeps being what it is, kind of like your local mom-and-pop shop but for weed. “We sell everything — bud, smokable, vape, cartridge, edibles, gummies,

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Cannabis may be a gateway to an opiate solution

Every other time you pick up the paper, it seems, you read the grim statistics of the opioid epidemic. The latest was research that showed 1.5 percent of all American deaths in 2016 were caused by opioids, which was worse than the casualty rate of Americans in the bloodiest year of the Vietnam War, which had a rate of slightly less than 1 percent. Numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that 64,070 people died from drug overdoses in 2016, a 21 percent increase over the year before. Approximately three-fourths of all drug overdose deaths are now

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Murphy Hemp and Wellness in Grants Pass is serving up an alternative form of medicine. Here they break down some variants in CBD – isolates, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum (also know as whole plant extract).