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Soccer star scores with CBD

If cannabidiol had been formulated for sports recovery when Rachael Rapinoe played professional soccer, her career might have ended less painfully. Injury-prone throughout high school in Palo Cedro, California, outside Redding, and college in Portland, Rapinoe suffered a serious fracture while her twin sister, Megan Rapinoe, trained with the U.S. Women’s National Team for the 2012 Olympics. Like so many other athletes, Rachael Rapinoe recuperated by taking loads of over-the-counter medications and prescription opiates, which medical experts agree can do more harm than good. “There’s just so many pills that athletes are given,” says Rapinoe. “We ultimately should be taking

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Wandering Roots Farm in Gold Hill rolls out a line of hemp tinctures

An organic farm known in Southern Oregon for its vegetables is making a name in the hemp field. Wandering Roots Farm in Gold Hill has unveiled a line of hemp tinctures that represent more than another CBD remedy. Farmer Jeff Boesch says he sees hemp as one crop among many that help to keep his 50-acre property healthy and his business model sustainable. “I rotate it in with my vegetable crop,” says Boesch, whose diversified farm mingles 8 acres of vegetables, 2 acres of mixed fruit and nut trees and 1 acre of mixed berries. Boesch and his wife, Anna,

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Understanding the science of terpenes

When it comes to marijuana, it has traditionally been all about THC, the plant’s principal psychoactive constituent. Now, with cannabis legalization and a booming CBD market, interest in terpenes has skyrocketed as businesses market terpene profiles as a way to differentiate their products and highlight their varied tastes, aromas and effects. The science is also exploding, as research shows how it’s the “entourage effect,” the hundreds of compounds in cannabis performing in concert, that makes the plant so special. And with consumer curiosity about this alchemy sufficiently stoked, more people want to know: what exactly are terpenes? Read on for

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Pot delivery gets a boost

In this time of pandemic, some people, especially older people, like to avoid retail spaces and get cannabis products delivered to their doorstep. No problem. It needed to happen, and it is happening. Brie Malarkey of Breeze Botanicals in Ashland asked for home delivery status last fall from the city of Ashland, but it was still in the pipeline until coronavirus exploded on the scene. The store was quickly licensed in mid-March. “We emailed them and got it in half an hour. They recognized the need both for the safety of our employees and for so many people stuck at

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Drive-thru bud

Drive-through cannabis has some major advantages, especially in the age of COVID-19 — as you don’t have to risk a breach of distancing by going into a shop. It even feels safer than getting your cannabis delivered at home, where you still have to deal with someone coming to your home and exchanging payment and product. It’s similar to a drive-in bank and, in fact, the La Mota shop on Stewart Avenue in Medford used to be an Umpqua Bank branch. It has a drive-up window where La Mota budtenders can announce the daily special, inspect your ID, display product,

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River City Retail has winning formula

With so many dispensaries out there, how does any particular cannabis shop stand out and draw a loyal following? At River City Retail, located in the heart of Merlin, the winning formula is all about the people, says General Manager Victoria Romeo. “We’re a super passionate team, and we offer premium products,” Romeo said. “Our bud tenders are professional and personable, and we’re deeply committed to the integrity of this industry. Collectively, we have a vast amount of knowledge that we love to share with our customers.” Most of “the team” of nine people have been together for several years,

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Pandemic fuels pot-buying explosion

Sales of cannabis punched through the stratosphere in May, soaring 55% over last May and eclipsing April’s banner month in Jackson County, based on data from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. “We’ve had a lot of people who have come in kind of stressed out and need to relax,” said C.J. Butler, budtender at Emerald Triangle Dispensary in Medford. “Everybody seems to have been very inquisitive lately, looking for a way to chill out.” Butler said many customers have expressed interest in the health benefits of cannabis, particularly focusing on edibles. Many customers are looking for help sleeping and other

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Lifetime Marijuana Use Not Linked To Middle-Age Heart Health

Lifetime marijuana use not linked to middle-age heart problems

Researchers concluded cumulative cannabis use was not associated with heart abnormalities or other cardiovascular diseases, such as stroke or heart disease. Understanding how marijuana affects heart health has emerged as a primary focus for cannabis researchers in recent years. The science connecting the two is limited and no known association between cardiovascular disease and cannabis use exists. Possible risks for heart patients exist, however, as cannabis can reduce the potency of medications such as statins and blood thinners. But new clinical data published in the journal Addiction should provide reassurance to middle-age marijuana users. They found no connection between current

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VA Mental Health Commission Recommends Federal Marijuana Research

VA mental health commission recommends federal cannabis research

The Creating Options for Veterans Expedited Recovery Commission determined that cannabis and psychedelics represent promising mental health treatment options for veterans. Many government officials are skittish in supporting marijuana and its synthetic counterparts because of its Class 1 drug status, even in the treatment of COVID-19. There was surprising news from an association that may have made some people in the federal government sit up and take some notice. The independent association, the Creating Options for Veterans Expedited Recovery Commission, released its report in January of this year. Despite the unique recommendations of its drug policy findings, the document has

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How CBD topicals can complement your mask wearing

Wearing face masks for prolonged periods of time can affect your skin. Here’s how CBD might be able to help. At this point in the pandemic, people should have a wide assortment of masks at their disposal. Despite the weird politics that shroud them, health experts believe masks and social distancing guidelines are the strongest (and easiest) measures people can take when it comes to battling the spread of the virus. Despite their health benefits, the prolonged use of face masks and the addition of hot weather isn’t very healthy for your pores. These issues can produce irritated skin, moist

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