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Boutique buds

Tetra Organics, a two-acre, organic, family hemp farm across the freeway from Ashland, won first place for Top CBD entry in the 2020 Golden Grow competition in January for its Lifter strain. Winning that honor in the contest — put on by Hemp Inc. and Hemp University’s New Leaf Symposium — will help Tetra gain consumer credibility, as will the “organically grown in Oregon” cachet, say Spencer and Morgan Pierce, a duo of late-20s brothers who grew up on the scenic family farm where they started some years ago by growing hops, using two vertical wind generators. Spencer describes their

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Chemistry test

Imagine the following scenario: You walk into your favorite dispensary, and you’re immediately bowled over by the sights and mingled smells of cannabis grown throughout Oregon. It all looks tantalizing, but you’re on a mission for a specific kind of locally grown cannabis so you tell the budtender: “I’m looking for something organically sungrown from the Applegate Valley that has lower THC and dominant limonene terpenes with floral notes.” Rather than looking at you strangely, the friendly staff person responds enthusiastically, “We’ve got just what you’re looking for!” She takes you to a cannabis selection that is labeled as certifiably

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Cannabis tech

Drying cannabis can be tricky. Dampness can trigger mold. Too much heat can wipe out terpenes. It needs good air circulation. It’s a relatively new science, and lots of new farmers are trying to master it — or find where to farm the job out. Showing off her new drying room last fall, Mitra Sticklen, chief operating officer at OM Extracts in White City, reports they’ve developed software that allows them (and the farmer using their drying room) to set the drying temp and humidity, then an app flags the team (OM workers and the farmers) on their phone or

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Virus boosts pot, alcohol sales

Booze and pot are being enjoyed in record amounts during the pandemic shutdown. “It’s not that we’ve had a big uptick in customers, it’s that the customers are buying more at a time,” said Phil Carvalho, owner and operator of C&C Farms Rec Shop on West Main Street. Carvalho opened the first legal cannabis store in Medford in 2015. Statewide marijuana sales surged to $84.5 million in March compared to $61.2 million last March, about a 30% increase. According to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, alcohol sales in March hit $66 million, a 20% increase over last March. That’s less

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Marijuana tax funds Medford rental aid assistance

Medford City Council Thursday night approved setting aside $100,000 in marijuana tax dollars for rental and nutrition assistance to help families dealing with fallout from the coronavirus pandemic. “This money will go directly to nonprofits so they can continue doing what they do best,” said Kevin Stine, Medford council president. He said the marijuana tax dollars are coming out of the city’s Vision Fund. The city will disburse the money to local nonprofits such as ACCESS, Rogue Retreat and St. Vincent de Paul. “These organizations already provide rental assistance and nutrition programs,” Stine said. Rich Hansen with St. Vincent de

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Breeze Botanicals approved for Ashland pot delivery

Oregon officials approved an application by Breeze Botanicals in Ashland to start making deliveries of cannabis products starting Friday. “We really need this because here we are in a crisis and a lot of people in Ashland who have been self quarantining and don’t want to leave their homes,” said Brie Malarkey, owner of Breeze Botanicals. Deliveries will be made from noon to 2 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Malarkey said she applied with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission to make home deliveries last October, and she got word Thursday morning that she’d been approved. Orders for any product in the

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City of Medford considers hemp grow ban

Growing hemp within the city limits of Medford might soon be banned, adding to the current ban on growing recreational cannabis. Medford City Council on Thursday night reviewed possible code changes that address the city’s concerns over hemp, the cousin of cannabis that doesn’t get you high. The council also looked at where hemp processing facilities might be located, most likely in areas zoned industrial or heavy commercial. “We don’t want another situation like what’s happening at Oak Grove Elementary,” said Kevin Stine, Medford City Council president. The city currently doesn’t have any hemp grows inside city limits, though there

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Medford is Oregon’s pot capital

Medford has the most pot stores per capita in Oregon, and the second-highest number compared to 600 U.S. cities with a population of 50,000 or more. “It doesn’t surprise me at all,” said Clay Bearnson, a Medford city councilor who works at a downtown dispensary, Oregon Farmacy. “I reckon it’s better to be first in that rather than having the highest crime stats.” Bearnson joined Medford City Council in 2014, and he said it was a two-year struggle to allow dispensaries to operate within city limits. Verilife, a company with dispensaries in the eastern half of the country, studied 600

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Family runs deep at Murphy Hemp and Wellness

When it comes to the fast-growing hemp industry, the Murphy-based Doyle family does it all. They farm, press seed, breed hemp strains, buy, sell and trade hemp seeds and crops, develop products, facilitate online sales — and sell CBD products from their three Murphy Hemp and Wellness stores in Josephine County. The family is also deeply committed to educating both producers and consumers about hemp cultivation and the myriad uses for CBD products. For the Doyles, hemp is a passion that’s personal. “We’ve seen a lot of our family members transformed by CBD hemp healing properties,” said 21-year-old Luke Doyle,

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Elevating the edible

Baked goods sold a decade ago at dispensaries in Oregon were clichés of contraband cookies. Consumers couldn’t mistake the key ingredient overwhelming those medical marijuana edibles, often homemade and packaged in plastic baggies. Convinced that cannabis consumers hungered for something better, Laurie Wolf — a classically trained chef, cookbook author and longtime recipe developer — knew she could satisfy the collective appetite. Retailers’ cannabis edibles, she says, “completely sucked” before culinary experts like her stepped onto the scene. “There are dreadful cookies out there,” says Wolf. “I hate edibles that taste like weed.” With a dozen books to her credit,

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Murphy Hemp and Wellness in Grants Pass is serving up an alternative form of medicine. Here they break down some variants in CBD – isolates, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum (also know as whole plant extract).