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hemp crop in Talent, OR

Hemp is still king of the crops

Jackson County retains its crown as the king of hemp in Oregon this year, but that crown has lost a lot of its luster. Last year, the county had 8,579 acres of hemp, and this year it dropped by 26% to 6,327, according to statistics from the Oregon Department of Agriculture. Still, Jackson County continues to lead all other counties in the state for hemp cultivation, with Josephine County in second place at 3,017 acres. Jackson County has a whopping 25% of the state’s 25,273 acres registered for hemp production. Jackson and Josephine counties combined have 9,044 acres, or more than

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The women behind Ladies of Paradise

Wearable fashion couldn’t hold Jade Daniels’ interest like the latest trends in cannabis. And her website Ladies of Paradise seemed like the perfect platform for cultivating a cannabis brand where she used to sell exotic jewelry, handbags and other accessories. Adapting the business name that formerly described indigenous women of Guatemala, Daniels reasoned that places where cannabis is legal are their own kind of “paradise.” “Our company is just all about cannabis culture and community,” says Daniels, 32, of Jacksonville, adding that she wanted to highlight “women doing cool stuff.” Beginning with a cannabis-themed blog that featured women contributing to

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Hemp loves company

We’ve all seen those long empty rows between hemp plants blighted with weeds and plastic mulch. Well, Chris Hardy of Hardy Seeds in Ashland is using a system to make them Earth-friendly and food-productive, interplanting with squash, melon, herbs, grains, beans and cover crops, and marketing their seeds as well. In the past season, on his farm on Eagle Mill Road, Hardy interplanted CBD hemp with 7,000 pounds of squash. He’d harvest them, cut them in half, scoop out the seeds, puree and bake the squash for half an hour, shape them into 20-pound blocks, freeze them and sell them

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Hemp companies navigate life in a pandemic

The coronavirus has torpedoed every business and lifestyle in the country this year, but it has brought some benefits, starting with the increased legitimacy of hemp, achieved by its inclusion in federal stimulus funding. That’s the take of prominent hemp lawyer and lobbyist Courtney Moran, director of the Oregon Hemp Farmers Association, based in Portland. Hemp achieved legal status in the 2018 Farm Bill, and Moran notes, “it was important for the advancement of hemp to get this clarification from the FDA, especially with CBD moving into the mainstream market. “Every step the industry can take as a lawful entity

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Cannabis for churchgoers

Cannabis, for some Christians, can be a conundrum. Scripture makes no explicit reference to cannabis, nor implied acknowledgment of the plant’s existence. Yet there’s plenty in the Bible that can speak to the role of cannabis in health care, family life, society and spirituality, say two local pastors who delved into the subject and explained their interpretation in a new book. “I think it’s important to have a healthy conversation about it,” says pastor Charlie Granade of Grace Baptist Church in Rogue River. Sparking the conversation is “Jesus and Mary (Jane),” which Granade researched and co-wrote with pastor Barnabas Sprinkle,

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The science of tasty bud

Preliminary findings from a study conducted by a Portland State University geology professor show a significant connection between the chemical makeup of cannabis plants and the native soils they’re grown in. The results move the cannabis community one step closer to a better understanding of how regional terroir (pronounced ter-wahr) affects the unique character of outdoor-grown cannabis crops. Terroir, a French word that translates to “land” or “territory,” includes several distinctive features of a place, including soil composition, climate and topography. John Bershaw and his graduate students at PSU focused their research on how five native soils in different parts

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Drive-thru bud

Drive-through cannabis has some major advantages, especially in the age of COVID-19 — as you don’t have to risk a breach of distancing by going into a shop. It even feels safer than getting your cannabis delivered at home, where you still have to deal with someone coming to your home and exchanging payment and product. It’s similar to a drive-in bank and, in fact, the La Mota shop on Stewart Avenue in Medford used to be an Umpqua Bank branch. It has a drive-up window where La Mota budtenders can announce the daily special, inspect your ID, display product,

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River City Retail has winning formula

With so many dispensaries out there, how does any particular cannabis shop stand out and draw a loyal following? At River City Retail, located in the heart of Merlin, the winning formula is all about the people, says General Manager Victoria Romeo. “We’re a super passionate team, and we offer premium products,” Romeo said. “Our bud tenders are professional and personable, and we’re deeply committed to the integrity of this industry. Collectively, we have a vast amount of knowledge that we love to share with our customers.” Most of “the team” of nine people have been together for several years,

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Pandemic fuels pot-buying explosion

Sales of cannabis punched through the stratosphere in May, soaring 55% over last May and eclipsing April’s banner month in Jackson County, based on data from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. “We’ve had a lot of people who have come in kind of stressed out and need to relax,” said C.J. Butler, budtender at Emerald Triangle Dispensary in Medford. “Everybody seems to have been very inquisitive lately, looking for a way to chill out.” Butler said many customers have expressed interest in the health benefits of cannabis, particularly focusing on edibles. Many customers are looking for help sleeping and other

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Men charged with posing as police in pot robbery sting

The alleged plan was simple: pose as police officers raiding illicit Southern Oregon pot growers, and rob them. It was thwarted by another team of pretenders. Shannon Christopher Harrop, 31, is among five men arrested earlier this month after planning a heist Harrop allegedly called “The Boys” with undercover Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives special agents. On July 14, the special agents made their arrest, seizing a cache of firearms, army surplus handcuffs and gear resembling police uniforms at a glance, according to documents unsealed earlier this week in U.S District Court in Medford. The investigation into Harrop

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Summer 2020 TOC:

  • Cannabis Entrepreneurs: The women behind ‘Ladies of Paradise’
  • Terroir: Inside the science of tasty bud
  • Cannabis Cooking: Canna-balls styled after Alice’s ‘Brownies’
  • Retail: Home delivery gets a boost
  • Profile: River City Retail has a winning formula
  • Retail: Pandemic fuels pot-buying explosion
  • Religion: Cannabis for churchgoers
  • Growing: Hardy Seeds in Ashland shares why hemp loves company
  • COVID-19: Hemp farming – ‘It’s a lot safer than working at McDonalds’
  • Retail: Drive-thru bud at La Mota

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