LEDs help to green up the green rush

Look around and it’s impossible not to notice that we are in the middle of the Green Rush. And with it has come a surge in LED grow-light technology. Light emitting diodes are everywhere now — from homes to cars … Continued

Growing pains

To say that cannabis farming is growing in Southern Oregon would be a gross understatement. As of Aug. 29, 666 marijuana license applications had been submitted in Jackson County — second only to Multnomah County’s 682 — with 477 in … Continued

Women and weed

All across Oregon, women are taking leadership roles in the emerging cannabis industry Southern Oregon is well on its way to enjoying more of the legal cannabis lifestyle as new women-led and women-focused events encourage community, education, normalization and, of … Continued

Plenitude of Oregon bud: Too much of a good thing?

When Oregon lawmakers created the state’s legal marijuana program, one of their goals was to convince illicit pot growers to leave the black market. That meant low barriers for entering the industry that also targeted long-standing medical marijuana growers, whose … Continued

Cannabis testing: Labs critical for cannabis R&D

Cannabis labs have been busier than ever as new marijuana-related products go through significant research, development and testing before they hit the market. “It’s a similar system to pharmaceutical labs,” said Anthony Smith, chief science officer for Evio Labs, based … Continued

Cannabis growers turn to hemp as market for CBD explodes

  A glut of legal weed is driving Oregon pot prices to rock-bottom levels, prompting some nervous growers to start pivoting to buzz-free hemp to make ends meet. “Word on the street is everybody thinks hemp’s the new gold rush,” … Continued

Need weed? Call the Canna Councilor

Clay Bearnson is a pretty laid-back guy, and at first blush you might find his hip, bluesy gift for gab disarming. Cross swords with him by spouting outdated ideas about marijuana, however, and you’ll see another side to the Medford … Continued

A look inside a cannabis testing lab

When you get high, you don’t want to get poisoned. And the only way to make sure you’re not sucking up any toxic pesticides or solvents is to have cannabis tested. MW Labs, at 724 S. Central Ave., Medford, is … Continued

Branding: How to stand out in a cannabis crowd

What’s it take to brand a dispensary — especially in a saturated market like Southern Oregon? Turns out, you not only need good products, but you need to provide them consistently to your customer base. Dispensary owners must be clear … Continued