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Whole plant medicine at Siskiyou Sungrown

It’s a wholesome, logical and uncomplicated idea that works: Siskiyou Sungrown utilizes the entire cannabis plant — grown organically and outdoors — to produce award-winning CBD hemp products that provide effective relief from a broad range of medical conditions. “We believe that traditional farming techniques, especially when practiced in the rich native soil and brilliant sunshine of the Williams Valley, produces the best, healthiest plants,” said Siskiyou Sungrown CEO Cedar Grey. “We don’t want to mess with nature’s proven processes.” Founded in 2014, Siskiyou Sungrown has emerged as a standard bearer in the medicinal cannabis industry. Its 10-acre operation is

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LEDs help to green up the green rush

Look around and it’s impossible not to notice that we are in the middle of the Green Rush. And with it has come a surge in LED grow-light technology. Light emitting diodes are everywhere now — from homes to cars — and the technology has been embraced by many in the agriculture industry. If you’re thinking about growing your own, you may consider using LED grow lights to enhance your products and yield. How do LED grow lights help the environment? The biggest environmental benefit is that they use less power, thus reducing the load on electric power plants, which

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Growing pains

To say that cannabis farming is growing in Southern Oregon would be a gross understatement. As of Aug. 29, 666 marijuana license applications had been submitted in Jackson County — second only to Multnomah County’s 682 — with 477 in Josephine County. When it comes to growers, Southern Oregon was running away from the pack — 474 growing applications were filed in Jackson County and 400 in Josephine. Clackamas County was third with 334. In fact, a large and growing number of working adults in Oregon make their living from the plant in some way, either directly or indirectly. As

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Backyard Voodoo

When Scott Meadows was growing up in Medford, he liked to watch his grandfather graft peach and pear trees for Harry and David. His grandpa showed him the age-old propagation method that involves joining a branch from one plant, called a scion, to the rootstock of another plant in the same family. The hardy rootstock allows the scion to mature into a more robust plant that produces fruit identical to the scion’s parent. Grafting is often used for propagating fruit trees and rose bushes that don’t grow true to type from seed. In recent years, it’s become trendy to create

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Can cannabis be used to heal the planet

The planet is in big trouble from greenhouse gases that warm and change the climate. Ashland resident Paul J. von Hartmann proposes a cure you might not expect. It’s cannabis. Von Hartmann has been a “cannabis scholar” and speaker for 25 years on the need to decriminalize weed and get it out to the world, not just as a healer of the user but as a healer of the planet in these perilous times of climate change. Von Hartmann is an organic pot farmer with Ebb & Flow Farm in Talent and author of “Cannabis vs. Climate Change: How hot

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Women and weed

All across Oregon, women are taking leadership roles in the emerging cannabis industry Southern Oregon is well on its way to enjoying more of the legal cannabis lifestyle as new women-led and women-focused events encourage community, education, normalization and, of course, fun. Tokeativity, a Portland-based cannabis community for women that hosts everything from socials to business workshops, is expanding down to the Eugene area. Co-owners Lisa Snyder and Samantha Montanaro are launching the chapter June 1 and are working with the board of Women Leaders in Cannabis, a women-run, women-focused group led by Heidi Fikstad, owner of Moss Crossing, and

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Women on the farm

The women who own Ebb & Flow Farm near Ashland are winning awards and branching out   What do you call two smart, spunky, funny women who create a cannabis farm and deal with a saturated recreational market by moving to other areas, mainly the immensely useful and marketable realm of hemp and, oh, btw, have a lot to say about sexism in the male-dominated world of ganja? You call them Ebb & Flow. That’s the name of their farm, thriving off North Valley View near Ashland. Amy Parscal and Lisa Denney came up with the name while doing Medicine

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East Fork Cultivars keeps evolving

  If there’s one thing that is noticeable when talking with Mason Walker, chief executive of East Fork Cultivars, a CBD-focused grow in Takilma, it’s his transparency. The level at which he explains things — whether about the company’s cultivation techniques, business practices, philosophies or opinions about the cannabis industry in general — is clear, concise and earnest. He answers questions willingly; this could be because of his seven-year stint at the Portland Business Journal, or maybe it’s because he truly believes in what he is doing and is proud of what the farm’s family is creating. But one thing

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Role of cannabis in the Rogue Valley’s agriculture scene discussed

Southern Oregon cannabis growers are now an important part of an agricultural community that includes wine grapes, pears and other commodities, and fitting into the neighborhood brings challenges. About 30 people gathered at the Medford library July 11 to discuss the emergence of cannabis and its impact on other industries. The panel discussion, titled “The Food System and Cannabis: Changing Dynamics,” was sponsored by Rogue Valley Food System Network. The panel included Vincent Smith, a professor at Southern Oregon University; Shavon Haynes, watermaster of District 13 (Jackson County); Chris Jagger of Blue Fox Farm; Josh LaBombard of the Oregon Department

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Cannabis growers turn to hemp as market for CBD explodes

  A glut of legal weed is driving Oregon pot prices to rock-bottom levels, prompting some nervous growers to start pivoting to buzz-free hemp to make ends meet. “Word on the street is everybody thinks hemp’s the new gold rush,” said Jerrad McCord, who grows marijuana in Southern Oregon and just added 12 acres (5 hectares) of hemp. “This is a business. You’ve got to adapt, and you’ve got to be a problem-solver.” Applications for state licenses to grow hemp — marijuana’s non-intoxicating cousin — have increased more than 20-fold since 2015, making Oregon No. 2 behind Colorado among the

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