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hemp crop in Talent, OR

Hemp is still king of the crops

Jackson County retains its crown as the king of hemp in Oregon this year, but that crown has lost a lot of its luster. Last year, the county had 8,579 acres of hemp, and this year it dropped by 26% to 6,327, according to statistics from the Oregon Department of Agriculture. Still, Jackson County continues to lead all other counties in the state for hemp cultivation, with Josephine County in second place at 3,017 acres. Jackson County has a whopping 25% of the state’s 25,273 acres registered for hemp production. Jackson and Josephine counties combined have 9,044 acres, or more than

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‘Growing Belushi’

Actor and comedian Jim Belushi is putting Southern Oregon on the map with his upcoming Discovery show “Growing Belushi,” which focuses on the highs and lows of growing cannabis at his farm next to the Rogue River. “I’m like a cross between Elmer Fudd and Bill Murray,” said Belushi, reached by phone Tuesday in Martha’s Vineyard. “I’m chasing down gophers and digger squirrels. I hate grasshoppers now. I see one and I panic. There’s aphids, there’s russet mites. We bring ladybugs in to help with the mites. There’s mold. Farming is not easy.” Last year, Belushi lost 300 pounds of

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Hemp loves company

We’ve all seen those long empty rows between hemp plants blighted with weeds and plastic mulch. Well, Chris Hardy of Hardy Seeds in Ashland is using a system to make them Earth-friendly and food-productive, interplanting with squash, melon, herbs, grains, beans and cover crops, and marketing their seeds as well. In the past season, on his farm on Eagle Mill Road, Hardy interplanted CBD hemp with 7,000 pounds of squash. He’d harvest them, cut them in half, scoop out the seeds, puree and bake the squash for half an hour, shape them into 20-pound blocks, freeze them and sell them

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The science of tasty bud

Preliminary findings from a study conducted by a Portland State University geology professor show a significant connection between the chemical makeup of cannabis plants and the native soils they’re grown in. The results move the cannabis community one step closer to a better understanding of how regional terroir (pronounced ter-wahr) affects the unique character of outdoor-grown cannabis crops. Terroir, a French word that translates to “land” or “territory,” includes several distinctive features of a place, including soil composition, climate and topography. John Bershaw and his graduate students at PSU focused their research on how five native soils in different parts

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Hemp goes to college

Jackson County’s biggest cash crop is getting a boost from science this year as part of an experimental project by Oregon State University to find the best strains of hemp and the most environmentally friendly methods of growing the plant. “Can we understand how to grow in a way that does not create so much waste, specifically plastic waste?” asked Richard Roseberg, director of the 84-acre Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center facility on Hanley Road. The research program is growing about 35,000 hemp plants on an acre and half to understand the best way to grow in our local

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Learn as you grow

Despite growing pains in 2019 that saw harvesting and production setbacks for many hemp growers, the industry in Oregon continues to soar in the number of operations registered for 2020 with the Oregon Department of Agriculture and the amount of farm acreage set aside for hemp crops. Meanwhile, hemp growers in Southern Oregon say they are applying lessons they learned last year to the upcoming growing season. As of early March, ODA had already processed more than four times the number of growers who had registered by the same time in 2019. “We’ve got about 1,200 people in the queue

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Farmer talks about his award-winning hemp flower

Alex Bizeau might have the perfect personality and work ethic for a hemp farmer. He strolls the fields of his smartly named Victory Banner Farm in Talent, looking over the cover crop of winter — vetch, rye, clover — talking about how he’s in the first generation of farmers of a newly legalized crop, and all the growers are basically laying down the rules and strategies for doing it right and making it pay. They’re still getting the bugs out of the system, literally. Cucumber beetles, russet mites and (the worst) aphids. They didn’t come the first couple years but,

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Boutique buds

Tetra Organics, a two-acre, organic, family hemp farm across the freeway from Ashland, won first place for Top CBD entry in the 2020 Golden Grow competition in January for its Lifter strain. Winning that honor in the contest — put on by Hemp Inc. and Hemp University’s New Leaf Symposium — will help Tetra gain consumer credibility, as will the “organically grown in Oregon” cachet, say Spencer and Morgan Pierce, a duo of late-20s brothers who grew up on the scenic family farm where they started some years ago by growing hops, using two vertical wind generators. Spencer describes their

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Chemistry test

Imagine the following scenario: You walk into your favorite dispensary, and you’re immediately bowled over by the sights and mingled smells of cannabis grown throughout Oregon. It all looks tantalizing, but you’re on a mission for a specific kind of locally grown cannabis so you tell the budtender: “I’m looking for something organically sungrown from the Applegate Valley that has lower THC and dominant limonene terpenes with floral notes.” Rather than looking at you strangely, the friendly staff person responds enthusiastically, “We’ve got just what you’re looking for!” She takes you to a cannabis selection that is labeled as certifiably

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How green is your bud?

Organic certification can differentiate an agricultural commodity, bringing higher market prices and increased margins to the producer. When the 2018 Farm Bill designated hemp as a federally regulated commodity crop, savvy Oregon growers jumped at the opportunity to certify organic. The label means a lot in today’s consumer-driven, health-conscious market. Organic certification is regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture and cannot be applied to an agricultural product without registration and a lengthy, standards-based inspection. In fact, the word “organic” cannot be used with reference to an agricultural product without USDA organic certification. In Oregon, the Oregon Department of

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