Bud-trimming machines may trim jobs

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Those long chatty hours of well-paying bud-trimming work may be slipping away, thanks to (surprise!) machines.

On the upside, these machines seem to do wonders for growers, with a device called the Buckmaster Pro able buck and trim many pounds an hour.

At a big launch party demonstration in November at their White City shop, OM Extracts showed off their Oregon Education Center for automated bucking and trimming, promoting the Triminator XL Dry Bud Trimmer, which they call the fastest in the world.

Triminator, which has been manufacturing the machines in Grass Valley, California, starting a decade ago, says the automated trimmer can do 60 pounds an hour, according to thetriminator.com.

Dozens of growers crowded around the machines, seemingly impressed, as a plastic, perforated screen rotated inside an edged steel drum, bouncing the cannabis around, gradually separating off the sheared trim for later use.

“It alleviates the need for trimmers,” said David Goodman, chief marketing officer of Triminator, “and we help any farmer without them having to buy and try. We’re in the top three in the world in hemp and cannabis post-harvest handling.”

Rogue Valley farmer Anthony White of Vesica Ventures uses one of the machines and says, “It shaves bud the best, in quality and quantity. I can bust out 1,000 pounds a day with minimal touch-up. Now, after eight weeks with no day off, we get to go on vacation and see family. The good thing is, you get out the door faster.”

They demonstrated another big time-saving machine, the Triminator Rosin Press, which, using up to 25 tons of force, extracts cannabinoids and terpenes from flower with the lowest possible temperature to maintain maximum terpenes.

It was a bit awesome to see cannabis oil pools dripping from between the aluminum plates of this desktop press, on its way to becoming edibles, tinctures, gummies, cartridges, etc.

Noting cannabis farming’s massive scale in the Rogue Valley, Mitra Sticklen of OM Extracts said, “the educational level has not caught up yet, but it will. Using machines like these definitely will make it cheaper, especially in the first season. It’s a brand new phase of the revolution.
“The industry as a whole is still fairly new, but there hasn’t been enough educational resources, and everyone is learning how to best participate. As an educational center, we are here to try and answer many questions producers have.

Grower Reed Preston of Grants Pass and Rogue River, says, “I’ve used the Triminator for four months, and I’m stoked on them. You cut out a lot of cost as it’s able to process a lot, hundreds of pounds of smokable hemp. In the old days, you’d get a couple pounds. It’s changing the whole process. Instead of 10 people sitting around trimming, you are doing 10 pounds at a time, so you can do 50 pounds an hour. To be honest, I simply couldn’t afford to pay hand-trimmers $100 a pound.

The machines can be seen operating on YouTube, with prices at thetriminator.com.



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