Topic: October 14, 2020

Fire chars local cannabis landscape

The Rogue Valley’s cannabis industry took a huge blow from the fast-moving Almeda fire Sept. 8, which wiped out five dispensaries and burned up expensive, uninsurable inventories between (but not in) Medford and Ashland. In Talent, fire leveled the Talent Health Club and Grateful Meds. In Phoenix, Fireside, Hijinx and Pharm to Table were lost. The blaze started on the northwest edge of Ashland during extremely hot, dry and windy conditions, and burned up through the Highway 99/Interstate 5 corridor, taking out huge sections of Talent and Phoenix. A few weed farms were singed. It was Southern Oregon’s greatest catastrophe

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Soccer star scores with CBD

If cannabidiol had been formulated for sports recovery when Rachael Rapinoe played professional soccer, her career might have ended less painfully. Injury-prone throughout high school in Palo Cedro, California, outside Redding, and college in Portland, Rapinoe suffered a serious fracture while her twin sister, Megan Rapinoe, trained with the U.S. Women’s National Team for the 2012 Olympics. Like so many other athletes, Rachael Rapinoe recuperated by taking loads of over-the-counter medications and prescription opiates, which medical experts agree can do more harm than good. “There’s just so many pills that athletes are given,” says Rapinoe. “We ultimately should be taking

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Wandering Roots Farm in Gold Hill rolls out a line of hemp tinctures

An organic farm known in Southern Oregon for its vegetables is making a name in the hemp field. Wandering Roots Farm in Gold Hill has unveiled a line of hemp tinctures that represent more than another CBD remedy. Farmer Jeff Boesch says he sees hemp as one crop among many that help to keep his 50-acre property healthy and his business model sustainable. “I rotate it in with my vegetable crop,” says Boesch, whose diversified farm mingles 8 acres of vegetables, 2 acres of mixed fruit and nut trees and 1 acre of mixed berries. Boesch and his wife, Anna,

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Understanding the science of terpenes

When it comes to marijuana, it has traditionally been all about THC, the plant’s principal psychoactive constituent. Now, with cannabis legalization and a booming CBD market, interest in terpenes has skyrocketed as businesses market terpene profiles as a way to differentiate their products and highlight their varied tastes, aromas and effects. The science is also exploding, as research shows how it’s the “entourage effect,” the hundreds of compounds in cannabis performing in concert, that makes the plant so special. And with consumer curiosity about this alchemy sufficiently stoked, more people want to know: what exactly are terpenes? Read on for

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Savory soup is made for autumn

This simple-to-make soup for one is sure to warm you on chilly nights. If you have the time, roast the squash instead of boiling. It adds a wonderful level of complexity. The avocado garnish is terrific, and so are fried sage leaves, a dollop of crème fraiche, or a simple sprinkling of smoked paprika. A couple of my favorite markets sell butternut squash already peeled and cubed, which makes life simple. I have even seen the cubed squash in the frozen section. These would absolutely work — after all, this soup is just for you. It’s all about getting to

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Red Pill vs. Blue Pill

It was 20 years ago that Florida punch cards were screwing up election day. Yes, they went way out of style, but, boy, do I long for the good ole days of 2000! When only one blatantly obvious thing threatened our election. Well, three: “hanging chads,” “fat chads” and “pregnant chads.” Don’t ask me about “skinny latte chads” — or Fat Buchanan. This isn’t a politics column, this is cannabis, baby. Thank god for cannabis. Not that I am much of a believer in god at this crucial moment in history. OK, where do I begin? Can I just skip

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