Topic: January 11, 2019

Out in the open

The cannabis industry may be legal and flourishing here in Oregon, but when it comes to allowing people to consume in social and commercial settings similar to wine-tasting rooms, beer gardens and microbreweries, the state has more to accomplish. A new campaign is underway to spur momentum for legalizing cannabis consumption spaces in the 2019 legislative session. The campaign kicked off officially at an event in late August, hosted by the newly formed New Revenue Coalition, a political action committee composed of cannabis industry businesses and allies with the mission of legalizing common consumption spaces for cannabis in Oregon, and

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Flower Buyer’s Guide to THC-CBD blends

When it comes to the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, much attention is being focused on cannabidiol, commonly shortened to CBD.CBD, which does not get people high, is credited with helping people suffering from certain seizure disorders, and it also appears to help reduce pain and inflammation.But according to some researchers, some of the therapeutic effects from CBD are enhanced when it’s combined with THC.In an effort to help readers wade through the hundreds of bud strains at local cannabis dispensaries, we have put together a buyer’s guide to locally available flowers that contain a healthy mix of THC and CBD,

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Biochar is good for cannabis and the climate

Biochar was used by farmers in the Amazon Basin more than 2,500 years ago, and now it is becoming a hip commodity in the cannabis industry. And while it has many benefits as a soil amendment for cannabis growers, biochar may be a remedy for climate change, as well. Biochar is charcoal produced from plant matter. It is made using a process called pyrolysis, which involves placing biomass into a special oven and heating it in the presence of little or no oxygen. The final product can capture carbon and lock it into the soil. That last part is the

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Plain Jane

Say you want to smoke a little bud but not get stoned and not create that strong pot odor. Or say you want to have a cigarette and get that relaxed feeling that seems to handle anxiety, but you don’t want nicotine and you don’t want to create that strong stench of tobacco. There’s probably a market for something like that, thought two young, ambitious graduates from MIT — and they just opened a shop on Main Street in Medford as the launching pad for their hemp prerolls, which they call Plain Jane. Get it? It’s Mary Jane but plain:

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Local growers score at Dope Cup

It was a post-apocalyptic Halloween party for cannabis lovers of all kinds at the 4th annual Dope Cup Awards Oct. 29 in Portland. Held at Staver Locomotive, the event brought together cannabis brands around the state competing in more than 30 categories ranging from Best Distillate and Best Terpene Profile to Best Topical and Best CBD Edible. It’s a party where bongs hang suspended from gas masks, kombucha is poured from taps and given away for free (because alcohol isn’t permitted); joints and blunts are passed around generously; and cannabis companies get to mingle with their customers, rub elbows with

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Madrone Cannabis Club: Modern-day pioneers

People who are starting cannabis farms and opening dispensaries now, in the early years of legal recreational cannabis, are actually pioneers whose stories will likely go down in Oregon history along with the brave wagon train trailblazers and early loggers, fruit growers and vintners. If you ask them, they’ll probably be glad to fill your ear with stories about cruel jail sentences and painful physical problems that were endured before society said, hey, this stuff ain’t hurtin’ anyone and might help. Not untypical are Lillian and Alex Whitnell, a married couple of 20-somethings who pioneered west from Illinois to create

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Murphy Hemp and Wellness in Grants Pass is serving up an alternative form of medicine. Here they break down some variants in CBD – isolates, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum (also know as whole plant extract).